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[Notion] Where we ate: your gastro helper

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Are you a food enthusiast, always on the hunt for the next gastronomic delight? Look no further! Introducing the Notion Dining Table, your go-to companion for keeping track of your culinary escapades and savoring every flavor-packed memory.

🍽️ Track Where You Ate: Effortlessly document your dining experiences by recording the names and locations of the restaurants, cafes, or eateries you visit. Never forget those hidden gems again!

⭐ Rate and Review: Transform your meals into a personal rating system! Award stars and share your honest thoughts to create a curated collection of your favorite dining spots.

📝 Detailed Notes: Capture the essence of each dining experience with detailed notes. Remember the ambiance, service, and any standout dishes that made your taste buds dance.

📍 Location Mapping: Plot your culinary journey on a visual map! Keep tabs on the geographical diversity of your dining adventures and discover new neighborhoods to explore.

🔗 Link it Up: Include URLs to menus, official websites, or social media pages for easy reference. Seamlessly navigate back to your favorite spots with just a click!

🌮 Cuisine Variety: Categorize and explore diverse culinary landscapes. From exotic cuisines to local favorites, keep track of the wide array of flavors you've savored.

🥗 Dietary Preferences: Whether you're a carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, track your dietary preferences and find restaurants that cater to your culinary lifestyle.

🌌 Atmosphere Vibes: Jot down the ambiance that made your dining experience memorable. From cozy cafes to upscale fine dining, capture the atmosphere that resonates with you.

🌟 Specialty Spotlight: Highlight the signature dishes that stole the show! Keep a curated list of each venue's specialty, making it easier to recommend to friends or revisit in the future.

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[Notion] Where we ate: your gastro helper

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